About Us

At Vleap3D (OPC) Pvt, Ltd we aim to feed the curiosity and aspiration of future generation through 3d printing and 3d scanning technologies.

The pathway of fulfilling dreams and aspiration will be guided by our experienced professionals in the field of 3d printing.

Our concept is to assimilate the expertise of 3D printing technology with current educational system and prepare curriculum, which will revolutionize the thinking pattern of next generation.

Dream Big, Achieve Big is our Moto.

If you can dream it…………You can do it.
-Walt Disney.


Our Workshop



3.  3D Printing.

Our Workshop Process


To inspire the next gen and nurture their innovative ideas through STEM Based tools and cutting edge technologies Like 3d printers and 3d scanners.


Our vision is to be a giant in STEM -3d printer based lesson plans for all boards in Next 5 Years.

Our Approach:

We are planning to introduce curriculum to school students between Class 4- class 9 hands on experience with New age creator tool 3d printer, The lesson plan which we have is line with your board syllabus and beyond.